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In a world full of inconsistencies, discipline provides stability in the form of regular accountability and needed boundaries. I am a full time student with a major in clinical psychology. My experience with Dr. Rick has been profoundly helpful with college as well as my personal life. As is the case with most young people today, both women and men, I grew up with little to no boundaries. Discipline was only something I heard about and consistency was all but completely removed from my young life. Even as a child I craved discipline and limits. I wanted someone to make me obey for my own good to make me feel looked after and cared for. Instead, as is all too common, my parents did not take the initiative. But when they did nothing I could swear I heard “we don’t care about you.” So, I grew up with an unusually low self-esteem.

While getting through college helped with my esteem, I have found a new confidence level growing in me when I am made to adhere to high standards. Dr. Rick sets the bar high but I would not have it any other way. It makes me feel fully capable of accomplishing anything I set my mind too.

Dr. Rick not only offers guidance and consistency in this world full of variables, but he also teaches many things aside from discipline. Things such as; the term “lying by omission”, that we must pick and chose our battles carefully, we can change the rules when we reach the top but not while we are getting there, how to conduct ourselves in professional settings, to listen more than talk, and the value of responsibility an educated person has towards the community. I will always cherish the time I had with Dr. Rick and his wife. They are both honest forthcoming people and I am a better person for having known them both.

I highly recommend Dr. Rick. He is strict but fair. He has never gone overboard in the way of a spanking. He gives exactly what is deserved and always offers kindness afterwards. Forgiveness always follows a spanking, especially a hard one, and that is one comforting aspect about regular discipline.

Feel free to contact me for any questions at all.

(-: -Sarah Jane

Discipline therapy has not only changed my life, it has given me back my life. I was on a very slippery slope and turning to alcohol and pills to solve my problems. It almost cost me my life and my family. After an extensive in-patient hospital stay in a rehab center, I was able to get clean and regain control of my life. However, I was starting to slip back into my old ways because I could not let go of the debilitating guilt I felt for letting so many people I loved down. I tried EVERYTHING including psychiatrists, antidepressants, group and individual therapy and multiple self-help seminars. After spending thousands of dollars and feeling only temporary relief I came to realize that what I needed the most was to be held accountable for my dangerous and irresponsible behavior and to face some severe consequences in order to forgive myself and get on with my life.

Finding Dr. Rick's web site is something I will be forever grateful for. His mentoring and guidance have set me free. We have a contract that clearly spells out what behaviors will not be tolerated and gives Dr. Rick the authority to discipline me as he chooses. He has been quite strict and firm, but also understanding and caring and I feel like I have a friend for life. Praise and encouragement are always given when I follow our rules, but I don't have a doubt in my mind that I will be soundly spanked if I break them. However, after I am spanked, I am comforted and forgiven and I can move forward with a clean slate. It is very cathartic to have someone in my life that cares enough to want me to be the best wife, mother and person I can be. I desperately needed to have limits and boundaries set for me and needed to be told no. As a consequence, my self worth has returned. Life is wonderful!

Both Dr. Rick and his wife are kind, generous people and I feel blessed to have them in my life. Discipline therapy works!

Natalie (Arizona)

We want to personally thank you for showing us the way through the use of domestic discipline.
Your advice and guidance were instrumental in our new lifestyle. 

The contract works and the kids are well behaved."  

James and Kimberly,

Dr Rick,

I wanted to say Thank-You to you and Miss Pam for being so kind to me today. I was so nervous and feeling very shy. I am still a little overwhelmed by my emotional reaction this afternoon. I have not ever had tears come that easily before. But, I have also not had a spanking like the one I received today. 

I took a nap when I got home but found that I couldn't sleep. My mind was going in so many different directions all at once. Not to mention the fact that my bottom was and still is burning. I normally don't cry very easily. That's why I was somewhat shocked at myself when the tears started falling and I couldn't control them. I know that the intense spanking was the majority of why the tears came but, also I believe it was because I had disappointed you and let myself down with my behavior. It really helped me to have Miss Pam there. I can't explain it really except to say that it helped having someone there that understood what happens during a discipline spanking. The emotional Roller coaster that can happen I really do appreciate the comfort that she gave me. She really helped me.

I am very glad that I am now accountable to someone for my behavior. After today, I truly believe that this is something that I have needed in my life for a very long time. And, I truly want to continue with my discipline therapy.

 It is actually a wonderful thing to open myself up and receive the true discipline that I received today. I did not understand until today what it really meant to open myself up and accept true discipline. It is an experience like no other.  

 I just wanted to say Thank-You to both of you.


I highly recommend Discipline Therapy for anyone that needs assistance with controlling their life, for whatever reason. It has already been such a tremendous help to me, and I can only imagine the further benefits I shall receive.  

If you are choosing Discipline Therapy then I must guide you toward what I consider the best disciplinarian “out there.”  

Dr. Rick is a powerful personality, one you will remember for a long time. His ability to help you, to not only determine your goals but to reach them, is amazing. I found he is able to synthesize your random thoughts and ideas into a coherent plan of action with goals that can be measured for success as well as easy to understand and follow.

He is the kindest person I have ever met. Now that may seem an impossibility, but he has compassion for people and wants them to be the best that they can be. His discipline is strict and deserving, but always with an understanding and belief that you can do better…and will do better. Dr. Rick is someone you can trust to take care of you as he disciplines you, and this is very important.  

He understands the importance of the cathartic experience and how it will mobilize and energize you. If you have trouble releasing that pent-up energy, he can guide you through that…even while he is disciplining you. He is always quick to praise and encourage you and remind you of the wonderful person you can be.  

Probably my favorite thing about Dr. Rick is the contrast of his gentleness and harsh firmness. He has probably the gentlest touch I have ever felt in every area but when he is spanking you. His voice is gentle; when he leads you by the hand it is with a gentle touch; if he is holding your chin and asking you to look into his eyes, it is with the softest and gentlest touch. However, when he is spanking you, that gentle touch is like steel!  

An interesting addition to Dr. Rick’s Discipline Therapy is the interaction of his wife, Pam. She is an intelligent, compassionate, caring woman who lives this lifestyle. She will help console you and comfort you following a spanking. She’s there if you just need to talk to another woman that can understand what you are experiencing. I found Pam’s contribution to be very valuable and I am so thankful that she is so willing, if not insistent, that Dr. Rick gives his discipline to help others. Quite a unique woman!  

The dynamics of these two people in your discipline cannot be overstated in its importance. I don’t know when I have felt such a union of people interested in my improvement and attainment of my personal goals. Following the discipline sessions there was such an incredible peaceful feeling of being loved and cared for… a powerful meeting of spirits and mind from all of us.  

Discipline therapy, accountability is working for me. I cannot now imagine my life without it and I cannot imagine anyone else that I would want to provide this for me than Dr. Rick and Pam. Thanks to both of you for being there for me and others who need that assistance in their life to be all that they can be.

Rosie Hiney

>I grew up in a home that had no boundaries and basically raised myself. Since then, I've been looking for someone to provide those boundaries and stick by them.  About two months ago, while browsing the 'net, I came across this website and let me say it's really made a difference in my life. I've had two sessions with Dr. Rick and he is a very experienced, safe disciplinarian. He doesn't go overboard while spanking but definitely gets the message across!  

  I have to give his wife Pam thanks though too. In one single meeting she was able to brake down a barrier that I'd placed up a long time ago. She's very comforting and caring. Even though I didn't show emotion during the punishment, afterwards all she had to do was hug me and I began to cry. I think they are such a powerful team! Thank you Rick and Pam. In these last few months you've made more of a difference in my life than people I've known for years.

~Reannon   (2006)

Being a part of Dr. Rick’s Discipline Therapy has helped me out in many ways.  It has helped me release the guilty feelings I has concerning my mother who passed away in 2006.  I had a lot of feelings like wishing I had treated her better and things I wish I hadn’t done and could no longer tell her I was sorry for.  The spanking I received helped release this guilt and afterwards I didn’t feel so stressed out and was no longer putting myself down for not treating her better and for other things I know she would have forgiven me for if she could.

            I also have the habit of just letting things go and procrastinating.  My house and my car was a mess.  I never took care of it.  I never spent much time there.  My home became a place I was running from instead of my sanctuary.  I was still putting it off until I received my second harder spanking.  I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start with suggestions from Dr. Rick’s wife Pam and a very sore bottom to help keep me on task I was able to get my home to a state where I was happy to have people over.  It is also easier to maintain.  In addition to procrastinating about cleaning up the house I was always putting my school work off and staying up really late to get it done the night before it was due.  For the most part I am keeping this under control I know what will happen if I don’t. 

            I have noticed that since starting Discipline Therapy I have not had the aches and pain in my back and neck that were probably caused by stress and maybe even a little depression.  I don’t get as many sleepless nights any more except for the day before I am going to be spanked for not holding up my end of our agreement.

            Dr. Rick is very understanding.  He tells you when you are doing a good job and helps you to find ways to help yourself do better.  I have always known why I was going to be spanked and even agreed that the spanking should be hard when certain goals are not met.  It helps me stay on task.  Dr. Rick’s wife Pam is also very caring and is a great comfort during and after a spanking is administered.  She has also taken the time to help me find ways to better my life and make things easier.  And once the spanking is over there are no hard feelings and I don’t feel bad about myself or feel like I am a failure because friendly relations are maintained once the spanking is over.  I have a more peaceful feeling towards myself and I am glad to be a part of Dr. Rick’s Discipline Therapy and would recommend it to anyone who wants to be held accountable for their actions and better their own life.