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I need a spanking

Does it hurt?

Yes, it is for a punishment.   If it is a severe punishment session it will hurt quite a lot.  I am very experienced in knowing just what any one lady can take.  I always give you the option stopping; however, if you stop before I feel that you have been properly disciplined, don't waste my time by expecting another session, ever!

Will I be bruised or marked?

If this is your first ever spanking, you may experience some bruising or marking.  This depends on the individual's constitution. One of the reasons for only giving spankings on the bare bottom is to monitor the level of marking on the skin in an attempt to keep it at a minimum.  Some individuals bruise more after the session.  In any case, the marks should not be long lasting.

Will I cry?

Some ladies cry and some don't.  Really, it's hard to know who might and who might not. Tough girls have cried during a hand spanking, while very timid ones have not even squeaked with quite a severe spanking.  Crying is most often from your emotional state of mind and not from the spanking itself.

How will I feel afterwards?

I always take care to support and hug ladies after we have finished.  Some ladies are very shaky, but most feel quite elated and surprisingly happy.

Will you take advantage of me and 'feel' me or touch me where you shouldn't?

Absolutely not...I am always careful to avoid touching all parts that are off limits (for me the limits are legitimate places to hold and restrain you, and the area being addressed for punishment - the bottom) Spanking anywhere but on the bottom is ABUSE!  I am very happy to discuss this in e-mails, as this is often a concern.