This is where you can change course


We will hold you accountable!

Discipline Therapy

  • Help you to find the will power to finish those tasks you started
  • Resolve those past mistakes that you "got away with"
  • Deal with present day behavior that needs to be corrected
  • Establish rules for you to live by
  • Stress reduction

And finally,

Give you the correction you need and want.


Corporal Punishment - What you might call an old fashioned spanking.

Domestic Discipline Instruction

Couples, would you like to learn how to use corporal punishment in your relationship? Hands on training provided to teach you to proper way to spank.

If you are in or near the Dallas, Texas area and are in need of our service, you may contact me.

Married, Attached, in a Relationship? I will need their consent before any sessions