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Find a Discipline Therapist in your State

Finding a disciplinarian is not always a simple thing. For one thing, discipline therapy is not (yet) a widely recognized practice. For another, often the only people you can find who offer spankings are either professional dominatrices or men with spanking fetishes who will be only too glad to accomodate young women under the guise of  providing therapy.

Most of the ads you've seen offering free spankings were probably posted by men. I know it must really reaffirm your faith in humanity to find so many altruistic guys out there who want to help you, a total stranger, purely out of the goodness of their hearts. The fact that many of these men only offer their altruistic services to young women with certain physical characteristics should raise a red flag, as well. 

We are a married couple, with thirty plus years experience as mentors, and we live the domestic discipline lifestyle and consider it important that you know this. We mentor exclusively  with women & couples.