This is where you can change course

Everyone needs to be accountable for their actions and behavior. There are far too many people who try to shirk their responsibilities and try to blame someone else or something else for their words, actions and/or behavior.

An excellent start to taking responsibility for your own behavior is to make sure you understand the consequences of your words and actions. Understanding the consequences and accepting the consequences are two different issues. Understanding them means that you are aware that if you engage in certain behavior, you could expect that there may be certain consequences attached. Accepting the cost of your actions means that you agree and are prepared for the consequences of your actions, whether the consequences are good, bad or indifferent.

Spanking Therapy is a safe, nurturing and understanding environment in which you can process and explore life-long thoughts and desires related to spanking and discipline. Spanking Therapy utilizes a multi-faceted approach combining supportive counseling with a structured spanking plan designed to assist you in achieving your individual goals whether you are: --Seeking an open and understanding environment to talk about, process and explore your life-long thoughts and desires about spanking and discipline. --Seeking an ongoing disciplinary relationship with a caring and nurturing authority figure to work through behavior issues and receive support developing structure and self discipline. --Seeking a safe space to experience your spanking and disciplinary fantasies in a professional, non-threatening human services environment free of the pressure of erotic entanglement or romantic relationships.