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We are an older couple, in our 60's, with more than 40 years experience as disciplinarions located in Dallas, Texas.

Do You Feel the Need to be Spanked?  

The one question that I am most often asked is whether spanking therapy is real or just something that was made up by perverts to further their sexual gratification. The truth is it is a real therapy.  There is no specific certification or training, but it is recognized by some centers as a final remedy when the more traditional methods of therapy have failed. This is not a therapy for people who want to be spanked for sexual reasons.  The adult must literally feel that they need to be physically punished in order to cope with everyday life.  


If you have a yen for discipline, ignoring it will NOT make it go away. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be spanked. In fact, receiving a good spanking has many benefits! You can improve your attitude, reduce stress and modify your behavior by giving up control and being held accountable for your actions. I will take you to task, and will not allow you to talk or act your way out of it. The spankings I give involve real pain. The feeling of having been held accountable for your actions or bad deeds replaces feelings of guilt with the strength and resolve to behave better.  Spankings are always administered on the bare bottom and you may need to be brought to tears. If you have never explored this side of yourself it is high time you do so and stop trying to repress it. Repression only makes it stronger and results in preoccupation.

Everyone needs to be accountable for their actions and behavior. There are far too many people who try to shirk their responsibilities and try to blame someone else or something else for their words, actions and/or behavior.

An excellent start to taking responsibility for your own behavior is to make sure you understand the consequences of your words and actions. Understanding the consequences and accepting the consequences are two different issues. Understanding them means that you are aware that if you engage in certain behavior, you could expect that there may be certain consequences attached. Accepting the cost of your actions means that you agree and are prepared for the consequences of your actions, whether the consequences are good, bad or indifferent.